Salesforce Implementation Cost, Average Implementation Costs
Salesforce Implementation Cost Revealed. Should you rob a bank?

Salesforce implementation cost ranges from 7,500$ to 60,000$ for initial implementation. Average cost salesforce implementation is around 15,000$ to 26,000$. There should be, however, added costs of internal resources. It means internal employees should look after Salesforce. At least during the initial implementation stage. I have seen numerous discussions on what Salesforce implementation cost should

Salesforce Managed Services Pricing & Managed Services Pricing Models
Salesforce Managed Services Pricing & Managed Services Pricing Models

Salesforce managed services pricing Factors influencing salesforce managed services pricing and available managed services pricing models is the first thing every leader would ask. Especially when considering choosing one or another salesforce managed service provider. The reason why a company can choose managed services over an internal team could be different. It could lack internal

difference between sales cloud and service cloud in salesforce
Difference Between Sales Cloud and Service Cloud in Salesforce

What’s the difference between sales and service cloud in salesforce was my first question when I first discovered the tool. To understand the difference between sales and service cloud in salesforce it is essential to get your hands on both products. Thankfully, I have already done this. In this article, I will explain the difference

Salesforce quoting
Salesforce Quoting. What can you get out of it?

Salesforce quoting is a more capable tool than you can think. My journey with quotes started back in 2009. I’ve been working with my parents in the family business. We were renting an office in a detached house. My room was in the corner of the building. Extremely small, yet very cozy. I had set

Salesforce vs Pipedrive
Salesforce vs Pipedrive? Is Salesforce really worth it?

Salesforce vs Pipedrive. Which is better? Well, this article is a result of me being annoyed by the same question over and over again. The question is more complicated than you might think. The CRM world is very diverse and often making direct comparisons of products that have different target audiences is not a proper

Sales forecasting
Sales forecasting Basics for Beginners. How to Sales Forecasting?

People commonly dream of knowing the future. It’s ok for an individual to do rough weighing up. However, for business, an accurate forecast is often a matter of survival. Business requires precise and reliable sales forecasting tools. Unfortunately, numerous studies have proven that the cost of predictions from soothsayers, shamans, and other magical representatives is

Service Cloud Implementation Guide. Service Company Case Study.
Service Cloud Implementation Guide. Service Company Case Study.

I decided to write this Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation Guide to share the knowledge I have collected during setting up our own process inside the company. Thankfully, Salesforce has plenty of well-written documentation. However, there were some knowledge gaps I had to fill in by myself. Here is my complete Service Cloud Implementation guide from

salesforce managed services
How managed services for salesforce can help your business grow?

What is managed services for salesforce? Managed services for salesforce, in general, is a type of service-level agreement, under which the supplier provides certain services, in our case Salesforce administration, development, consulting, programming, and other salesforce-related services. In oppose to project, where the number of hours and tasks are more or less strictly written into