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In automation we trust...

We are a privately held company founded in 2014 in Delaware, USA. As of 2019, we are also operating in Latvia. We help companies through their digital transformation by automating the sales process. We help our customers to close the customer journey under one platform - Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and CPQ.

We are most often asked - why Blondie? Because we associate Blondie with something simple and easy to understand. That’s exactly what we do - we make complex things simple for our customers to understand.

Our core competencies

We analyse companies’ sales and customer service model and help them digitise it.​

We call it

Digital Transformation

What are the benefits of our services?​

A gradual shift from traditional approaches to sales and business management to digital tools leads to increased sales, customer satisfaction and profit growth


We strive to continuously learn new technologies. Whether it’s programming languages, new advertising channels or interior design trends. We are not afraid to experiment ourselves in order to bring proven technologies to our customers.

You are in good hands

We are a small, experienced team of Salesforce and business process consultants based close to your business.

9 Salesforce experts

We are Salesforce experts in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and CPQ. We have 48 freelancers in our network of contacts that we bring in for special projects.

On the market since 2014

We were founded in Delaware, USA. As of 2019, we are also offering our services in the European market. We are currently the official Salesforce Consultancy Partner in the Baltics.

143 completed projects

Since our founding, we have delivered a diverse range of B2B and B2C projects, with over 50 different customers from a variety of industries, from tourism to construction.

We speak 3 languages

We speak three languages fluently - Latvian, English and Russian. You will find it easy to communicate with us, as we will carefully match you with the right project manager for your mentality.


New does not mean ‘better’. In the race for new technology, we always ask ourselves one question – is it really better than what came before? It is very important not to make hasty decisions in favour of untested technology.

Why choose Blondie?

Common sense

We won't implement a complicated and highly automated system if the company isn’t ready for it.

We are fanatics

We love our work. Give us something mentally challenging and we'll be right up in your office, tackling it with joy!

Business meets IT

We speak the language of business. We have both experienced Sales reps and highly qualified IT experts who will work to meet your needs.

We know what we don't know

We'll never hesitate to tell you if we see that the project is beyond our capabilities.

We are small and flexible

We deliberately stay small and remain adaptable to the rapidly changing IT market and business environment. We maintain a large network of outsourced experts, which allows us to leverage the expertise we need.

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