FLOW: 8 Weeks to a Fully Featured CRM for Car Dealers with Salesforce Professional Edition

Ok folks, here’s a challenge. You have a customer who runs a car dealership. You’ve got Salesforce Professional Edition, 8 weeks, little-to-no budget, and plenty of hungry sales reps with tons of leads that have to be managed. From lead to cash. From the first call to giving away keys to a brand new shiny

Chief Digital Officer vs Chief Information Officer
Chief Digital Officer vs Chief Information Officer: Comparison

In the present day, Chief Information Officer vs Chief Digital Officer seem to be in a constant battle as they vie for supremacy. The Chief Information Officer is usually focused on the technological aspects of running a company while the Chief Digital Officer focuses on implementing new technologies and digital innovation within various business units.

Sfdc opportunity stages
The Puzzle of SFDC Opportunity Sales Stages

One of the most important things to know about Sfdc opportunity stages is that they are not always an indication of where a lead is in the sales process. Sfdc opportunity stages can be confusing, and sometimes they seem like they don’t make sense at all. In this article, we will discuss what Sfdc opportunity

who is head of digital strategy
The Head of Digital Strategy: Who, What and Why

Let me answer the question who is head of digital strategy? In this post, we will explore the “who, what, and why” of a digital strategist. We often hear people say that they are digital strategists—but no one ever asks them what their job is or what they do. This article explores those questions and

head of digital strategy salary
12 Secrets of Head of Digital Strategy Salary

Head of digital strategy salary is among of highly discussed topics. Do you want to be head of digital strategy? Or you are looking for a head of digital strategy for your company? Or you just researching digital strategy salaries? The digital strategy jobs in the tech world right now are very hot topic right

registered salesforce partner
What is a Salesforce registered partner?

Registered salesforce partner is an old name for Base level Salesforce Consultancy partner. In the past, salesforce had different naming for their partner tiers, now when the name has changed, it means the company is in the very beginning of its journey with the salesforce consulting program. How do I become a registered partner in

salesforce cpq managed services
companies that use salesforce
7 Salesforce Customer and CRM User Stories

I was always inspired by the companies that use Salesforce to grow their business. These companies are the ones I look up to. Salesforce is an industry-leading customer relationship management software. It has over 20,000 companies using it to track their contacts and leads. Salesforce CRM users can do anything from monitoring email campaigns to

sales forecasting qualitative methods
Qualitative Analysis Methods in Sales Forecasting: Why it’s the Key to Success

Sales forecasting qualitative methods are an essential part of sales management. They help know how much inventory you will need in the future so that your sales team can be prepared and sales targets can be met. Forecasting sales is difficult because it requires predicting the future, which we all know has not been proven

What does a salesforce consultant do
10 Things You Should Know if You’re Hiring a SalesForce Consultant

What does a salesforce consultant do? When you are considering hiring salesforce consultants, there are some important things to keep in mind. For example, salesforce consulting is an ever-changing field of work that requires constant updates and training. A salesforce consultant can do more than just customize salesforce for your business; they can also help