Sales forecasting
Sales forecasting Basics for Beginners. How to Sales Forecasting?

People commonly dream of knowing the future. It’s ok for an individual to do rough weighing up. However, for business, an accurate forecast is often a matter of survival. Business requires precise and reliable sales forecasting tools. Unfortunately, numerous studies have proven that the cost of predictions from soothsayers, shamans, and other magical representatives is

Service Cloud Implementation Guide. Service Company Case Study.
Service Cloud Implementation Guide. Service Company Case Study.

I decided to write this Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation Guide to share the knowledge I have collected during setting up our own process inside the company. Thankfully, Salesforce has plenty of well-written documentation. However, there were some knowledge gaps I had to fill in by myself. Here is my complete Service Cloud Implementation guide from

salesforce managed services
How managed services for salesforce can help your business grow?

What is managed services for salesforce? Managed services for salesforce, in general, is a type of service-level agreement, under which the supplier provides certain services, in our case Salesforce administration, development, consulting, programming, and other salesforce-related services. In oppose to project, where the number of hours and tasks are more or less strictly written into

What is CPQ?
CPQ Explained in Simple Terms. Configure, Price and Quote

What is CPQ? CPQ products help businesses create complex quotes, which also relates to CRM CPQ. Configure, price, and quote (CPQ) is a term in the information technology industry used by businesses to describe software tools that help create complex quotes. CPQ software is used when it is necessary to produce complex configurations. For example,

Salesforce CPQ
What is Salesforce CPQ? Boosting Sales with Configuring, Pricing and Quoting

Salesforce CPQ is something you don’t come up with often. The reason is simple – a name of the product doesn’t say much for a newcomer in the industry. I’ve been in CRM business for over a decade. Back in the days, in 2009, when I started my career in my parents’ business and now,