Chief Digital Officer vs Chief Information Officer
Chief Digital Officer vs Chief Information Officer: Comparison

In the present day, Chief Information Officer vs Chief Digital Officer seem to be in a constant battle as they vie for supremacy. The Chief Information Officer is usually focused on the technological aspects of running a company while the Chief Digital Officer focuses on implementing new technologies and digital innovation within various business units.

who is head of digital strategy
The Head of Digital Strategy: Who, What and Why

Let me answer the question who is head of digital strategy? In this post, we will explore the “who, what, and why” of a digital strategist. We often hear people say that they are digital strategists—but no one ever asks them what their job is or what they do. This article explores those questions and

head of digital strategy salary
12 Secrets of Head of Digital Strategy Salary

Head of digital strategy salary is among of highly discussed topics. Do you want to be head of digital strategy? Or you are looking for a head of digital strategy for your company? Or you just researching digital strategy salaries? The digital strategy jobs in the tech world right now are very hot topic right