Salesforce CPQ Implementation Services

Boost your quote to cash process with Salesforce CPQ & CPQ Industries consulting services. Salesforce CPQ implementation services are the perfect way to get the most out of your Salesforce investment. Our experts will help you configure and customize Salesforce CPQ to meet the specific needs of your business. With Salesforce CPQ, you'll be able to streamline sales processes and improve customer interactions. Let us help you get started today!

Salesforce CPQ Implementation Services

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CPQ Implementation Services

Benefit from our Salesforce CPQ and CPQ Industries implementations so your team can focus on closing sales instead of getting technical.

Salesforce CPQ is a complicated product that could run you into a configuration nightmare. We offer our clients Salesforce CPQ solutions Salesforce CPQ support. Additionally, we help implement CPQ Industries to help manufacturers, software companies, and companies where complicated quoting is essential, to boost their sales. Our team of CPQ partners will take care of all the technical aspects of implementing quoting process for your company so that your sales team can focus on other important tasks like sales and marketing instead!

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We are the best in the business when it comes to implementing Salesforce CPQ. Our team of experts have years of experience and they know how to configure complex product configurators that will help your company increase sales. Not only do we implement, but we also provide training so that you can use your new system effectively. Additionally, our team is available 24/7 if any issues arise with your new system.

You’ll be able to get back to what matters most – growing your business! With our expertise and support, you won’t need to worry about anything related to Salesforce CPQ ever again. If you want more information on how we could help boost your sales through Product Configurator Services contact us today!

CPQ Implementation Services

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Some Salesforce CPQ features we implement

Guided Selling

We help implement guided selling for Salesforce CPQ and CPQ Industries. Just provide insights on what your customer is looking for and Salesforce will prepare an offer for you. This allows scaling your company’s best expertise to all employees. It’s like having an experienced consultant sitting next to each sales rep.

Solution Configurator

Selling complex products? Need to combine physical goods with services? They all have different billing and consumption cycle? This is what we can help with! With our Salesforce platform implementation services, you can get accurate sales quotes every time.

Pricing Engine

Nead, to provide special pricing in each specific scenario? Salesforce CPQ can do that for you. With our Salesforce consulting services, we will help set up the pricing engine so that each proposal is unique and takes into account all of the special cases your company needs to consider.

Quote Generation

Generate beautiful quotes aligned with your branding. Include custom terms, texts, visuals and send proposals straight from your Salesforce CRM. Salesforce CPQ can help you create quotes for customers like never before. Talk to one of our CPQ Consultants today and get free consultation.

Product & Pricing Rules

You are selling complex solutions where not all products are compatible with each other? That’s not an issue anymore. We will help implementing product & price rules so your sales reps don’t have to lookup documentation and seek expert advice anymore. Improve your sales cycle by automating the product selection process.

Advanced Approvals

With advanced approvals, you can manage exclusion and provide personalized experience up to a single product level. We will help implement Salesforce CPQ advanced approvals so that your Sales reps will have the power to decide on their own which product should be sold to each customer at which price.

Salesforce Industries CPQ features

Salesforce Industries CPQ (ex. Vlocity) is a solution for manufacturers to create complex quotes, bundled products, asset-based ordering and more. We help implement Industries CPQ for Salesforce so that you can sell to distributors, resellers and other organizations.

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Common sense

We won't implement a complicated and highly automated system if the company isn’t ready for it.

Business meets IT

We speak the language of business. We have both experienced Sales reps and highly qualified IT experts who will work to meet your needs, no matter what they may be!

We are fanatics

We love our work. Give us something mentally challenging and we'll be right up in your office, tackling it with joy!

We know what we don't know

We'll never hesitate to tell you if we see that the project is beyond our capabilities.

We are small and flexible

We deliberately stay small and remain adaptable to the rapidly changing IT market and business environment. We maintain a large network of outsourced experts, which allows us to leverage the expertise we need.

Our approach

We have two different approaches to our Salesforce Customization services. Project Based and Managed Services based.


Project base approach means we engage in fixed time relationship with deadline and fixed scope of tasks.

This is good for clients who have a specific goal or project in mind that they want help accomplishing. We’ll work with you to scope out the project, and then we’ll execute on it until it’s complete.

Managed Services Based

Managed Services approach means we engage in ongoing relationship with task being populated ad-hoc.

With a managed service, we will do things for you on an ongoing basis. This is a great way to scale up your salesforce customization services needs as they grow!

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FAQ: Salesforce CPQ frequently asked questions

CPQ implementation is the process when Certified Salesforce CPQ partner configures Salesforce CRM add-on called CPQ for individual company needs. Salesforce CPQ is a configuration based Sales solution that builds configurable quotes, orders and contracts.

Our Salesforce experts will help you with the entire process of Salesforce CPQ implementation from start to finish – we’ll configure your custom product configurator (or use ready-to-use Salesforce Industries), build new functionality like advanced

Salesforce CPQ is designed for Software companies and businesses who’s sales process involves complex pricing and product configuration, while Salesforce CPQ Industries is pricing, quoting and configuration software that is dedicated to manufacturers and industrial customers. Salesforce CPQ industries includes a set of specific functions that would not be relevant to non-manufacturing firms (in most cases). Basically these two are similar products but designed with different use cases in mind. Get our Salesforce CPQ consulting services to better understand which of those two fits your business best.

CPQ solutions are complex solutions requiring tech-savvy Salesforce platform consultants. Implementation could take somewhere between two to four months in normal conditions and up to six to eight months in more complex situations. These are general guidelines and implementation time could differ depending on your business model, pricing model, and many other factors.

Salesforce provides a complete quote to cash solutions, which means CPQ fits perfectly into the ecosystem. Once you purchase CPQ add-on, you will notice a new app instantly become available in your Salesforce. You would be able to use the same customer database and custom object already existing in your Salesforce. In other words, CPQ integrates very well in Salesforce.

CPQ is an acronym standing for Configure, Price, Quote. Salesforce CPQ is the Salesforce add-on that provides these three functions in Salesforce. With Salesforce CPQ you can configure products, create product bundles, price them and create quotes or orders for your customers.

Salesforce CPQ for partners allows you to build self-service portals on top of Salesforce Experience Cloud so that your partner can log into the self-service portal and produce a quote on their own,

CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote. Salesforce CPQ is the Salesforce add-on that provides these three functions in Salesforce. With Salesforce CPQ you can configure products, price them and create quotes or orders for your customers.

Implementation involves initial consulting, requirement assesment (to understand your business case), Salesforce CPQ configuration, user training and launching the product live. After launch we perform post implementation activities like following up with users and stakeholders to understand futher improvement which could made to your Salesforce platform.

Salesforce CPQ is a complex product requiring deep technical knowledge. CPQ partner can help you reduce time and effort it take to implement the product into your business.

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