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We are Digital Transformation Company. Make virtual the new normal.

We are your next digital transformation company. We bring digital transformation innovation to your business. Transform your business to adapt to the new normal. Introduce new technologies in your sales process and customer service. Put powerful self-service tools in the hands of your customers, enable your team to work remotely, make your business transparent and start increasing your turnover at unprecedented rates. Start today with Blondie - the digital transformation company.

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What is digital business transformation?

Digital business transformation is the process of a company changing its day-to-day business processes, tools and even its business model to make it work with the help of digital business tools. During business digital transformation, manual business processes are replaced by automatic or semi-automatic processes. Digital transformation innovation promotes activity tracking and data-driven decision-making, replacing opinion-based decisions.

We are Your New
Digital Transformation Company

Who needs business digital transformation?

A gradual shift from traditional approaches to sales and business management to digital tools leads to increased sales, customer satisfaction and profit growth. Digital transformation innovation is the new standard.

We are Your New
Digital Transformation Company

We are Digital Transformation Company

We are a small, experienced team of Salesforce and business process consultants based close to your business.

9 Salesforce experts

We are Salesforce experts in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and CPQ. We have 48 freelancers in our network of contacts that we bring in for special projects. Which makes us digital transformation company of choice.

On the market since 2014

We were founded in Delaware, USA. As of 2019, we are also offering our services in the European market. We are currently the official Salesforce Consultancy Partner in the Baltics.

143 completed projects

Since our founding, we have delivered a diverse range of B2B and B2C projects, with over 50 different customers from a variety of industries, from tourism to construction. From implementation to digital transformation innovation projects.

We speak 3 languages

We are fluent in three languages - Latvian, English and Russian. You will find it easy to communicate with us, as we will carefully match you with the right project manager for your mentality.

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