Salesforce Dealership Management System

Our Salesforce Dealership Management System (DMS) helps maximize company sales and revenue. It manages vehicle lifecycle processes, from the day of vehicle purchase to trade-in and gives you all the tools on a single platform to make your auto dealers business flourish.

Our all in one DMS solutions help automotive companies across all the operational areas of their company. Document generation, inventory management, customer support, and more.

Salesforce Dealership Management System
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Streamline your dealership's operations and improve sales and revenue from after-sales service.

We offer auto dealership management system implementation services that enable you to take advantage of Salesforce’s powerful company management platform.

Our team of experts will help you make the switch to a more efficient customer experience. We’ll get it up and running quickly, so you can start streamlining your company operations and improving sales and revenue from after-sales service right away.

Maximize dealership sales and revenue

Our dealer management system implementation services are designed to maximize dealership sales and revenue. Our team of experts has extensive experience working with dealership data to make informed trading decisions, manage customer relationships effectively, manage warranty service and maintenance, and get the most from their dealership data. With our help, you’ll be able to enhance dealership operations, maximize company sales and revenue, and get the most out of your dealership data.

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Experience the power of Salesforce dealership management today

Start getting the most out of your dealership with our Salesforce auto dealers CRM implementation services. Our team of experts will help you make the transition to a more efficient customer experience as quickly and easily as possible. Contact us today to get started and start experience the power of Salesforce dealership management!

Improve dealership data access and insights

Our dealer management system implementation services offer dealership owners unprecedented levels of data access and intelligence.

Our team will ensure that your dealership has the tools it needs to monitor performance, optimize operations, generate meaningful customer insights, and establish KPIs. With our help, you’ll be able to improve company data access and insights in no time.

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Explore Our Dealer Management System Capabilities

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Vehicle Lifecycle Management

Manage your vehicle lifecycle from manufacturing pre-order through handover to customer, warranty service, and vehicle trade-in. Track which vehicles were ordered for production are planned for handover, coming to the warehouse, require maintenance and repair, and more.

With dealer management systems like Salesforce dealership solutions, you can access real-time information on the status of each vehicle in your dealership’s lifecycle at any time.

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Leasing Inquiries

An easier leasing process is essential for auto dealerships. Our Salesforce dealer management system provides the tools to make this process go steadily and smoothly. With this platform, car dealers can keep track of lease inquiries and guide customers in privately submitting their credit profiles. Moreover, the system ensures an efficient way for customers to negotiate the most suitable terms for their lease payments.

By utilizing Salesforce Solutions, car dealerships will be able to ensure their clients get the best deal, leading to increased profitability. For anyone interested in a positively profitable leasing experience, Salesforce dealership solutions are invaluable.

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Test Drives

A major area of focus for dealerships is the test drive process. With the Salesforce dealer management system, this pivotal process can be monitored and managed quickly and easily. Having one virtual place to track all your test drives gives dealerships an up-to-date look on their performance at any given time.

By analyzing data from the test drives, marketing efforts can be tailored to areas in need of attention, sales reps can have a heightened workload efficiency, and documents associated with the test drive process can be printed out without hassle. It’s an invaluable car dealer tool that empowers businesses of any size to make every customer experience extraordinary.

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Quotes & Offering Management

Our DMS solution (dealer management solution) is the perfect tool for streamlining and improving business operations. Customers can quickly receive offers straight to their mailbox within minutes of visiting, meaning you don’t have to waste time waiting for your customer’s response or constantly go back-and-forth over questions.

You also have the ability to make consistent quotes across all sales channels, giving customers confidence in the products they buy. What’s more, you can make quotes based on vehicles in your inventory and dramatically reduce quote-to-cash time from weeks to days. With our dealer management system you can streamline and consolidate processes quickly and easily – making it simpler to do business with customers everywhere.

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Lead Management

The Salesforce dealer management system provides the perfect solution for managing incoming inquiries from various sources. Qualifying and tracking your leads is effortless as all inquiries can be stored efficiently in one platform. With its array of analytics functions, you’ll get further insight into the lead quality and conversion rate to gain a greater understanding of where your dealership’s marketing efforts should be focused on for the best possible outcome. Ultimately, taking control over your sales funnel has never been simpler with Salesforce at your side.

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Vehicle Configuration

With Salesforce CPQ for dealer management system you can make complex configurations in an effortless manner. This enables your sales reps to help customers by using guided selling models to get the right vehicle configuration. It also gives you the opportunity to offer additional products and services along the sales process, allowing you to always up-sell important products and never forget again. Thanks to its tailoring capabilities, you can personalize every customer offering in a matter of minutes, making sure they feel they are truly getting what they need. Salesforce CPQ truly offers a great way to streamline and optimize your sales process.

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Service Management

Proactive customer engagement is critical for auto dealerships to optimize after-sales income. Keeping a close eye on the maintenance required for sold vehicles and reaching out to customers can make all the difference.

With Salesforce auto dealerships solutions, that process is greatly simplified, as you have access to all maintenance records in real-time from one single source of truth and via workflow automation. This significantly enables efficiency and improves your service operations in staying up-to-date with vehicle servicing needs and helps you achieve improved customer satisfaction and higher income generation.

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Fleet Sales

If you’re looking for a way to make your dealership’s fleet sales process smoother and more efficient, you need dealer management software tailored to this unique market. Our dealer management systems allow you to track all your large vehicle sales with ease, and provide quick and accurate quotes faster than ever.

You can also keep an eye on after-sales performance, helping you ensure that each customer is getting the best possible service. Our modern and innovative approach ensures that every aspect of large vehicle volume sales is as streamlined and efficient as possible, so your business can focus on what matters most: satisfying customers!

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Trade-In Management

Managing trade-in deals can be a tough and tedious task for sales reps, but with our dealer management solution, the entire process is much easier. This solution helps track trade-in deals as payments towards future purchases, so sales reps no longer need to do endless calculations by hand but benefit from workflow automation. It not only helps reduce their burden but also makes sure that accurate calculations are made every time – correctly and quickly. That way, both sales reps, and customers benefit from the efficient deal-tracking program that this solution provides.

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Vehicle Inventory Management

Inventory management is essential for all car dealerships. By keeping track of inventory, dealers can gain better control over their offerings and prioritize sales accordingly. Knowing how many cars you have in your warehouse also helps you figure out which ones are the best-sellers so you can react timely when these cars are desired and in demand.

With an up-to-date inventory list and the right strategies in place, car dealers can ensure they meet customer demand while maximizing profits.

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Spare Parts Database

Using our Spare Parts Database, your service department can easily access a comprehensive range of parts to source exactly what is needed in a matter of seconds. With this system in place, you are safeguarded against any delays and ensure the best customer experience and the highest level of satisfaction when using your services.

Furthermore, this facilitates stock availability and pricing accuracy, thereby providing an unmatched service experience to all customers while maintaining trust with them as they continue to do business with your company. Bring your business to the next level with our dealer management systems.

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KPIs & Dashboards

KPIs and dashboards offer car dealer managers real-time insights into business performance, allowing them to make quick and informed decisions. In Salesforce, business owners can get key performance metrics in a single view, so they can stay on top of dealership trends and optimize operations. From tracking dealership sales to analyzing customer satisfaction scores, this solution provides business managers with the insights they need to make decisions quickly and confidently.

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Build award-winning customer service with our DMS solutions

At Blondie, we understand that great customer service is essential for dealership success. Our dealer management system (DMS) helps dealership owners build award-winning customer service by streamlining processes and improving visibility into dealership performance. Depending on the size and needs of your business, you can choose from a range of features to customize a solution that best fits service management requirements.

Whether you’re looking for a solution to track trade-in deals or build an unbeatable customer service experience, our dealership management system has what it takes to make your dealership run more efficiently and effectively. Get in touch today and find out how Blondie’s DMS solutions (dealer management) can help you take your business to the next level.

Our dealer management systems also offer you real-time insights into business performance so you can make timely decisions and optimize operations. With our solutions, business managers get access to advanced analytics and powerful dashboards that provide key performance metrics in a single view. Track your company sales, analyze customer satisfaction scores, and stay on top of company trends with our dealership management system. Get in touch with us now and see how Blondie can help you build award-winning customer service!

Read our case study about how we built CRM for a small Subaru auto dealer

Building auto dealer CRM software on top of Salesforce was a challenging task – we had to work with two major limitations. The first stipulation we faced was the Salesforce edition: whereas most companies opt for Enterprise or Ultimate, our customer requested that we construct the management system with the Sales Cloud Professional edition. This meant that our automation limits would be somewhat restricted.

Additionally, budget concerns determined by the customer posed another limitation; he was reluctant to give any significant funding to what he perceived as a trial project. Despite these hindrances, we managed to build an auto dealer CRM software that exceeded all expectations – it evolved into a fully pledged system, proving to be a great success!

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