Salesforce Revenue Cloud Implementation Services Salesforce Revenue Cloud Implementation Services

Salesforce Revenue Cloud Implementation Services

In order to keep up with the competition, businesses need to find ways to become more efficient and agile. Salesforce Revenue Cloud Implementation Services can help your business do just that. Our team of experts can help you get set up with this powerful tool, so you can start streamlining your sales processes and boosting your revenue. Contact us today to learn more!

Salesforce Revenue Cloud Implementation Services

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Salesforce CPQ, Billing, and Analytics are powerful tools that can help companies increase sales efficiency and predictability.

However, implementing these solutions is not easy. It takes a long time to learn how to use the toolset well enough to be effective. It also requires hiring expensive consultants or training internal staffs in order to make full use of the features offered by Salesforce Revenue Cloud. And even after all this investment, it’s still hard for companies to get their money’s worth from the product because they don’t know what strategies will work best for them and how much value they’re getting out of each feature they’re paying so dearly for. 

We’ve been working with Salesforce revenue cloud implementations since 2011, we have developed expertise on every single one of its modules including CPQ (Configure Price Quote), Billing & Forecasting, Order Management & Analytics etc.. Our engineers are able to quickly assess your company needs based on your business

Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Customers are 2x more likely to choose suppliers with a good digital experience. Learn how salesforce revenue cloud can help your business

Businesses that offer a good digital experience to their B2B customers are able to engage clients faster and see revenue growth. Procurement portals, customer portals and other options provide immediate access to critical business information, shorten the transaction cycle and increase turnover* and optimize sales operations. We’ve prepared three key elements to help your business grow with salesforce revenue cloud.


Flexible offers and terms

Implement Revenue Cloud and Reach your clients’ expectations and meet their needs with a personalised approach and salesforce revenue cloud. Offer subscription-based purchasing, better manage business risks and offer different payment terms. 

Convenient buying

B2B customers increasingly value the digital shopping experience. Digital tools are now the best way to transact with your clients and optimize revenue processes. Put the tools in the hands of your sellers to connect early and walk the customer through the buying process and close more deals. 

Shorter cycles

Avoiding cash flow interruptions is critical today. Purchases are becoming smaller but more frequent, thus optimizing billing processes is important as never before. Arm your business with the new realities of data to accelerate business decision making. Accelerate your cash flow and respond to every request from your customer with our professional services.

* Source: The B2B digital inflection point: How sales have changed during COVID-19, Mckinsey & Company, 2020

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Functionality included in Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Create a quick and easy procurement experience for your customers. Create a sales path and optimize your quote to cash process.

Unified product catalogue

Make sure all your clients have the same product catalogue. Even if a customer comes from different sales channels – you’ll always have the same offer. All thanks to salesforce revenue cloud.


Make each of your vendors a trusted consultant with product configurators. Put the skills of your engineers and experienced vendors on the system with the Guided Selling configuration wizard. Set configuration rules and combine products into product groups for broader and more relevant offers. 


Streamline your vendors’ deal-making process with accurate quotations without sacrificing sales marginality. Let vendors make their own decisions in the sales process. Automate matching process with built-in pricing and sales guidance tools. 

Estimates and quotes

Create estimates and quotes that fit your brand, product and legal guidelines. Help your vendors create branded documents that comply with the terms of the contract. Create access to templates, product literature and establish dynamic offer terms. Optimize your quote to cash process.


Build your own coordination chains. Adapt your standard business process for exceptional cases. Adapt to changes faster – in discounts, payments and other business models. Decision makers can carry out coordination process via email, mobile, Chatter or in Salesforce itself.


Create an order to track products that were purchased. Capture and convert estimates across multiple sales orders, enabling the use of multiple order fulfilment tools.

Contracts and subscriptions

Create subscription contracts from linked products in an order to track the part of the order that requires a subscription fee. Create invoices from your order. Importantly, the Orders section of the CPQ app contains fields required for both the CPQ and Billing apps from Salesforce. This means you can use the subscription change and renewal processes.


Translate your estimates into an invoice. Create a quote, then use it as a basis for your invoice with a single click. CPQ and invoicing apps share the same product catalogue, price sheets and revenue split engine. This means that estimates with any proration and attachments always match orders and invoices. 

Management and control

Improve data quality and security. Increase the number of data-driven decisions. Make salesforce revenue cloud your source of truth. Improve your revenue recognition.

The power of Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Create a quick and easy procurement experience for your customers. Create a sales path. We are revenue cloud experts and we can help you with your revenue cloud and cpq implementation.

Smarter sales

Help your sellers implement ‘guided configuration’ transactions, which means that the quote can be built step by step by price coordination and one-click quotation or estimate. 

Products and prices

Combine product catalogues and price sheets. Automate your entire revenue generation process. Enhance your partner relationship management processes.


Improve your customer experience and automate your customer relationships. Let your customers buy your products. On their own. And manage their account through a digital customer cabinet.

Invoicing and collections

Speed up incoming cash flow. Build a flexible invoice posting engine that supports any type of invoice and billing model, order or payment model. 

Control and compliance

Define business rules. Check transactions automatically, through all channels and new revenue streams. Be sure of compliance and protect transaction marginality. 

Revenue reports

Capture revenue. Forecast performance of your sales teams. Track KPIs with full visibility of customer transactions. 

What makes the Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Salesforce Revenue Cloud consists of several applications that were previously available separately. Now, they’re combined into one intelligent application to help your business grow faster and adapt to changing market conditions and make your CPQ implementation effortless.

Salesforce CPQ

Create complex offers for your customers. Product bundles, subscription fees, bundled technical offers and more. Put more power into your sales reps hands.

Salesforce Billing

Billing tools for any business model. Prepaid, postpaid, credit limit control, subscription models and more.

Advanced coordination

Faster, smarter price, discount coordination, business processes management, price book management and more. Built-in scenarios to automate routine coordination while maintaining full control.

For CPQ partners

Put price configuration tools in the hands of your partners and speed up complex product quoting times.

For CPQ communities

Let your customer communities use the configuration tools and open access to anyone.

B2C and B2B commerce connectors

Connect product or offer functionality to your B2B portal and provide a better digital experience for your customers without involving vendors.

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