registered salesforce partner

Registered salesforce partner is an old name for Base level Salesforce Consultancy partner. In the past, salesforce had different naming for their partner tiers, now when the name has changed, it means the company is in the very beginning of its journey with the salesforce consulting program.

How do I become a registered partner in Salesforce?

A Registered Salesforce Partner is a company that wants to become a Base Level Salesforce Consultant. In order to do so, Registered partners must complete a Registered Salesforce Partner Agreement and add the Registered Salesforce Partner Programs to their agreement. Registered Partners must also have completed an Admin Essentials course in order for their application to be considered complete.

What are Salesforce Partner levels?

There are four salesforce partner tiers

  • Provisional partner
  • Base Consulting Partner
  • Ridge Consulting Partner
  • Crest Consulting Partner
  • Summit Consulting Partner

I have this article, which describes in more details what that actually means.

How many partners does Salesforce have?

There are currently around 1935 consultancy partners in Salesforce ecosystem. Please ready this post, it describes in more detail the Registered Salesforce Partner process.

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